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Information about Sunny Deol’s secretly married second wife leaked, know who this second wife is

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One of the most well-known actors in Bollywood is Sunny Deol. There are countless super hit movies he has appeared in. Apart from his professional activities, the actor’s personal life has made the news many times. After his marriage, Sunny’s adulterous relationships with different actresses continue to be widely reported.

Sunny Deol made his acting debut in the 1983 film Betaab. Amrita Singh, an actress and former wife of Saif Ali Khan, played the female lead in the movie. It is reported that Sunny and Amrita thought of each other during the shooting. According to industry rumors, the two are reportedly getting married soon. However, once the news of Sunny’s first marriage broke, the actress chose to live separately.

After breaking up with Amrita, Sunny started dating another famous actress from B-Town, Dimple Kapadia. Their love affair is said to have started after their friendship. At this point, the actress and her husband Rajesh Khanna started separating. Sunny sided with Dimple when she was separated from her children Rinky and Twinkle.

According to insiders, Rinky and Twinkle are what Sunny calls “Chhote Papa”. Some also assert that Sunny and Twinkle are secretly married. At various Bollywood parties and house parties, the actress is even known as Dharmendra “Wife” Putra’s.

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